HI, I'M Marco

Graphic Designer

Hello, my name is Marco and I am a graphic designer. I have been cultivating this passion for a long time, together with others that are related. Thanks to the continuous constancy and training I was able to acquire a good ability in the problem solving related to the sector to which I belong. I am a very motivated person in taking new paths in order to develop new projects.

About Me

About Me

I have acquired several skills in the graphic field mainly and especially in the online world.
I created e-commerce optimizing the indexing.
I am a very enterprising and curious person, so I constantly update myself trying to extend my knowledge in other areas and that is why over time I have had the opportunity to use various equipment for the realization of audio-visual content.



Web desigN

Design and planning of websites, studying UI, to get to a good UX, for the user.

SEO Optimization

Optimization for search engines, using strategies aimed at increasing a website’s position among search results.

Photo Editing

Photo equalization and retouching, and processing for e-commerce and stil life

Web development

Creation of websites starting from the project, and the subsequent implementation , from the front-end to the back-end with a CMS at the base.

Video editing

Video editing, video equalization, video reconstruction, and post-video effects.

Video Making

Video production, good capabilities in the use of cameras, reflex cameras, and drones.


Other skills

Other skills

3D Print
PC Assembly
SMD Components
Contact me

Contact me

Where I AM

Italy – Melito di Napoli – (NA)




+39 3661141540